We are a specialist manufacturer of excavator rock saw attachments.  Our excavator rock saw products are used by Demolition, Construction, Quarry, and Mining companies throughout the world to cut aluminum, asphalt, concrete, caliche, ductile iron, granite, limestone, sandstone, steel, and many other types of material too numerous to list.

Check out our latest video of our 30 inch TCT blade cutting an 15″ Aluminum billet but clicking the following link: Cutting Demo

The diamond rock saw is used in
demolition, construction, quarries,
mining. <more

The tungsten carbide rock saw is our
most rugged saw. Used by quarries and
contractors alike   <more

The offset extension enables the rock
saw blade to be placed alongside excavator
tracks, providing the ability  <more

Alpine Grinders
If you work with the toughest rock and concrete
on a
 daily basis, on land or under water; if you
need to cut
 with a high degree of pecision; <more


Enabling the excavator to cut aluminum,
copper and ductile iron the Rock Tools TCT
saw provides a valuable alternative <more


Rock Tools LLC  |  USA 720.223.7888  |  6295 W. Crestline Ave.  |  Denver, Colorado 80123  |  USA

Rock Tools is a specialist manufacturer of excavator rock saws. Located in Denver, Colorado, our products are proudly made in America.

Established in 1988, Rock Tools has provided excavator rock saw cutting solutions world wide through our agents and dealers. Our expertise in rock saw design and use assists our customers to find the right rock saw cutting solution for their project.

Our rock saws have been developed to provide almost vibration free, precision cuts enabling customers to cut along side buildings without the need of hydraulic hammers. Rock Tools manufactures excavator rock saws offer options for diamond blades, tungsten carbide and our metal cutter TCT blade.

Rock Tools rock saws operates throughout North America and around the world. Our excavator rock saws are busy cutting granite in New York City; limestone in Ontario; concrete in Montreal, Canada; limestone in Haiti; marble in Italy; concrete in Israel; and sandstone in South Africa.

We are proudly the Alpine Grinders dealer for rock and concrete grinders. Alpine technology is used in tunnel enlargement, concrete scaling, demolition, shaft sinking, stumps, mine scaling, quarries, underwater and trenching.

Rock Tools rock saws and Alpine Grinders solutions from the most experienced in the business for decades…